Trading with Europe post Brexit

Are you confused by the mountain of paperwork and regulations? Recently, I have been approached by a consortium of small parcel hauliers that are frustrated with the added costs of import/export procedures post Brexit. Freight forwarders are inundated with demand and at £45-85 per customs entry, use of these services would, in any case be cost prohibitive. 90% of transactions are small and non-commercial.

I have contacted HMRC, and still await a significant response to my request for clarity on the type of customs import/export declaration required. Royal Mail have the CN22 and 23 but I believe these documents to be specific to mail transit.

Do you have such a predicament and would like to collaborate on a solution? The new HMRC CDS solution is modern in design and has been replacing CHIEF since 2014. We could certainly build a software system that interacts with the new Open API’s available, but, as yet cannot define the requirement.

Does my network have any suggestions or perhaps are open to a discussion. I believe that this could be an opportunity to disrupt the freight industry software market.

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