Redundancy is not so bad

Yes, you guessed it, I have been made redundant. I naively believed that working for a smaller organisation, being highly visible and perhaps more important, would create more of a safety net. My intent was to have a long term association but hey, these things happen and we are in the business of change, after all. Of course, all businesses need to take corrective actions/measures and must adapt to changing market conditions. Unfortunately though, the fact is that there is always a human cost.

My team have mostly been impacted and some have more than 12 years service. Loyalty does not seem to be rewarded! I will continue to help and support them if they require me to do so.

This is of course the PC version.

So, moving on, I am past the anger/bitter/anxious stages and move on to the optimistic stage! The market for Cloud/Digital/EA/Solution Architects seems rather good although building and managing a team seems so much more important to me now after 20+ years in technology.

Anyone need a true leader in technology?


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