Partners required, provoke discussion on post brexit trading with the EU

Opportunity knocks in the face of adversity, well perhaps?

All about our SME, DIG360 (, we are in the early days of developing a solution to interact with the HMRC CDS (Customs Declaration Service) and also the GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service). This is in response to a requirement from a consortium of hauliers that move low value items to and from the UK.

Having been was previously employed in the import/export business prior to working in technology, I have some insight into the freight forwarding business (and looking back on 12 years working in the industry I smile and think of the great camaraderie and genuine folks in the industry). I remember the simplification of systems (route 7 and so forth) and now we are going in completely the other direction (added complexity aka post brexit trading). There seems to be massive demand on customs brokers and agents in the logistics chain post brexit and still a lot of market confusion. Does this represent an opportunity to leverage disruptive technology to provide competitive advantage – we believe so!

So my ask to my community, is, are you an accountancy/haulier/freight forwarder/broker/agent/trader who would be open to a discussion with a view to discussion? Dig360 are open to partnerships /distribution etc. to consume services/software/platforms. Please get in touch via this blogg or via email to discuss further – thank you.

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