MotoGP on BT Sport

I absolutely love the coverage BT Sport provide for MotoGP. Great presenters with relevant experience and knowledge combined with a fantastic TV schedule for each weekend. A real coup for BT no doubt!

But why or why do I have to endure BT service provision in the UK. Sorry BT, but any customer engagement in my experience is frustrating and time consuming. Just received the yearly ‘your BT price is changing’, no surprise there. Have to ring to either negotiate by extending the internet contract or leave – it is as simple as that (or NOT). Phoned 3 times now and constantly on hold – come on BT, you have got to try harder!! No excuses that you are extremely busy – all of us are!

Long gone are the market dominance days, you have to do better at the customer experience. Maybe it is time to break this monolithic organisation up into smaller, perhaps regional resellers/a partner model.

Is it simply just too big to manage?

This is not only a problem in the home retail sector, I have had a similar experience at work but least we have options in that space to explore (and we have). #Ofcom

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