Calling all British manufacturers

Time for consumer reflection on 2020 and early 2021 (Covid and Brexit impact specifically). The UK relies way too much on supply from outside (we probably already know this of course ). The supply chain has stopped and started but continues to be unable to cope with demand. As consumers we can either wait or just not bother, but this is not how Western society works – we continually evolve, adjust and create. My own natural preference is to wait (living in Cornwall and remembering previous slower paced decades) but I feel passionate about British engineering and production.

So, have I missed the point, or is the answer simply to create more in the UK, pay a bit extra for the convenience, protect UK jobs and invest in the economy. Maybe also help to save the planet…….

I am no politician, so I am off to buy a CNC machine and commence manufacturing from my garage. Who is going to invest?

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