Autopilot integrated MDM

I am sure there are many other service providers that have the same type of challenges that we face. Managing multiple customer environments and in doing so requiring zero touch device deployment as far as possible. The operating model of many organisations is changing rapidly which means devices are sent direct to folks homes (CV19 etc.) with minimal intervention by IT. The key is reducing friction and adding value to the process, key points:

  • Windows Intune/autopilot multi-tenant integration is not recommended
  • many small tenants to manage (often with only a handful of users/devices)
  • the preference is to use 1 tool for deployment and management
  • needs to be easy and intuitive for the SME support market
  • would like the zero touch benefits of autopilot
  • ideally do not want to sell a kidney to licence
  • any takers for open source tools?
  • patch management/remote control etc.
  • 99% windows devices but also Mac/IOS/Android
  • need to implement yesterday (or even the day before)

Are there any aspiring start-ups, SME specialists or open source support organisations that have this type of tooling/capability? I will reply individually as appropriate – thank you community!

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