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2021 Opportunity knocks

It has been a while since writing my last post. I make no apology for being submerged in the day to day life of work and not so much ‘play’. If I am honest it feels kind of strange as we rapidly move towards the festive season. For the first time in many years I …

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Cornwall Internet and Technology

Cornwall Internet and Technology Cornwall is often perceived as a County behind the times and yes to a certain extent that is still valid. But this is changing albeit at a pace that is relevant to the area and traditions.   Direct internet connectivity to the America’s Strong investment from the BT Group (and not …

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Perranporth today

Perranporth today; we took a 5 minute break to take in the scenery along the coastal path. So we might have seen this a hundred times but it never becomes dull. Just loving the life in Cornwall.

The Cornish coast

The sea has mystical powers…..