The Cornish coast

The sea has mystical powers…..

So how many emails is too many……

email overload!

Is this a problem that only I seem to have? I doubt that very much, but how do you manage receiving over 100 emails per day? I believe this comes down to 2 keys things;

  • People send too many email because it is simple to do so
  • We have lost the art of conversation

So what can we do about this, well I guess as they say, practice what your preach. So here is the challenge;

  1. Refrain from sending that email today, pick up the phone and talk
  2. Create rules and only reply to emails directly sent to you only – if it is CC then ignore

I would love to hear from you and discover how you contain this ever exploding communication medium.


Nutanix bible

When companies claim to have a very ‘open’ culture, I am always a little sceptical. This must be something built into me after 30 years of working in the enterprise and more than 20 in IT. It is a claim that is very difficult to maintain. But, since I have been with Nutanix since mid-2016, I can honestly say that this is definitely at the core of the organisation – from top to bottom and bottom up!

What does this mean for customers, well refreshingly, the essence of the architecture is detailed on the internet at Nutanix under the hood. Steven Poitras, Principle Solution Architect, explains the simple but delightful background story on the development of the platform and how simplicity is at the soul of the architecture. I urge you to read this content, not to particularly steer you towards Nutanix (although I believe this is a wise path), but to help you in your understanding of hyper-convergence and the enterprise cloud. Comments and feedback welcome…….

Nutanix automation and orchestration


Nutanix vRealise Automation on AHV

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Just a start……

This is my first blog entry so a welcome from me, Steve Whight. Who am I and why am I creating this blog?

I live in Cornwall and work in IT, this presents a challenge. Fortunately, I have been able to secure work working from home over the past 10 years. Working in technology, I would say, does not come easy to me but I have learnt one valuable lesson during my career. It is not about the technology, yes this is an enabler, more importantly, it’s about the people that you connect with on a daily basis. I am great believer in keeping it simple, of course when you get down to the nuts and bolts of any solution then for sure you have to delve into the weeds. But, there is no need to overcomplicate things – after all, life is complicated enough!

So, you may start to build up a picture here. Why Cornwall you may ask – well, quite frankly, why not. It is the most beautiful county in the UK without doubt. I love being outdoors, mountain biking is my passion and I dip into surfing when the water is a bit warmer in the summer.

What am I going to talk about, well I want to connect with other professionals working in Cornwall, so I will talk about work and opportunities. I will also link into mountain bike conversations and how I achieve a work/life balance. So there we go, a quick synopsis and now it is time to get down to work…….