Cornwall is great for remote working

Ssshhhhh, don’t tell anyone, but Cornwall has it all! Great outside sports, fast internet connectivity, beaches, a booming music scene, flights from Newquay airport – so in the modern work-space world of work being a mode rather than a time/location, could it be the perfect place to call home?

Internet¬†entrepreneur’s only need apply………..




Cornwall Cloud? Technology, who needs it!


If you have nothing to say then say nothing

My wife believes that I am a man of few words, although if I am engaged by something that sparks my interest then apparently I do not shut up. Fair point Mrs Whight!

So, I have not blogged for a while, I have been busy working and enjoying the sunshine in Cornwall this summer. Current list of things to do;

Help with the decorating if I am allowed by Mrs W

Research upgrading the T5 – we’d like to go camper-vanning next year

Azure training and certification – the guy at udemy is helping here!

Plan more riding on the mountain bike and prepare for November trip to Malaga

Don’t get stressed by imminent project deadlines at work…….

Support the ‘kids’ back to College routines

Get out of the work from home office as much as possible (for my sanity)

Write more blogg posts (chance would be a fine thing)

Develop my business in Cornwall – how can I engage with local business leaders to understand the unique requirements of small business on the area?

So, there you go, not much to say I guess but plenty to do. More to follow………



Talented digital artist

Help! Are you a digital artist with an interest in cartoons?

I am looking for a talented, digital artist to assist with an exciting opportunity in Cornwall. Are you a College student looking for an assignment and wanting to build your digital career? Or perhaps someone looking for a challenge for a few hours a week. You will work with 2 experienced IT professionals that will help you build your career and to work on a collaborative, fun project.

Please make contact through the blog for further information.

Help build Cornwall’s digital future. SuperFast Cornwall;

In a World of complexity, is KISS the answer…….. Hyper-Converged rocks!

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Infrastructure as Code, Invisible Infrastructure

OK, so this is marketing right? Well, yes it is but when you think about the concept of hyper-converged infrastructure, then it just makes sense. Remove complexity, make it elegant and easy to use and cheaper to operate – we all want a better work/life balance.

Have a read of the technical architecture at

Comments are welcome. Of course there are other HCI solutions in the market. But consider which one offers choice of hardware, of hypervisor and consumption model.




Working from home in Cornwall

Working from home in Cornwall?

I have been working from home for more than 10 years which is great for the work/life balance but is it good for your health? The lack of interaction with colleagues and customers can be frustrating to say the least and also does not seem to be good for your well-being.

But we use web-ex!

OK, so this is a great way of reducing travelling cost and speaking to your peers and clients but humans require more than this. It is also I my opinion difficult to fully engage with people using these remote tools alone – who is at the end of the line and are they taking you seriously. You can only really get this level of feedback by looking into someones eye’s or understanding their body language.

Do your friends/colleagues think it is easy?

Yes, I get it all the time. ‘You have it so easy working from home, no commute and no-one looking over your shoulder’. In my experience, you usually work a longer day and work harder when WFH. You do not need a visible presence to be of value to an organisation and show your worth.

It would be great to get your feedback, and more importantly, if you live in Cornwall and WFH, please get in touch as I am looking to meet up and create a forum to discuss all things Tech and perhaps more!


Cornwall Internet and Technology

Cornwall Internet and Technology

Cornwall is often perceived as a County behind the times and yes to a certain extent that is still valid. But this is changing albeit at a pace that is relevant to the area and traditions.


Direct internet connectivity to the America’s

Strong investment from the BT Group (and not forgetting the EU funding) has placed Cornwall at the leading edge of internet technology. Working from home in this beautiful County is now a very real option. It also gives local business a boost, connecting more companies to the worldwide market.

Return on Investment and Time to Value

How to get the most from your IT spend and take advantage of the investment you have made? By talking to an independent consultant, with no bias towards any particular technology or allegiance to any vendor.

If you would like to discuss your business to IT technology requirements, please get in touch using the form below.


Cornwall and Devon, anyone for a free IT assessment?

Cornwall and Devon, anyone for a free IT assessment?

If you would like to receive a free IT assessment then please complete the attached contact form. Thank you.

IR35 tax changes, is it the end of the contractor as we know it……

IR35 tax changes – what does this mean for you?

So the new changes to legislation come about in April, but what does this mean for seasoned or start-up contractor? Is it time to jump ship to the private sector or simply stay/go permanent? Perhaps we just all need to collectively increase our rates! It seems that HMRC are perhaps using the IT contractor as an easy target again to balance the books.

So where can I get advice.

Perranporth today

Perranporth today; we took a 5 minute break to take in the scenery along the coastal path. So we might have seen this a hundred times but it never becomes dull. Just loving the life in Cornwall.