How frustrating is WordPress

I am not a regular blogger (you guessed right…) and it really shows when I log into my site. Umpteen updates to consider and then the dreaded syncing issue with LinkedIn using the JetPack plugin ( I am now testing with this post) – it drives me crazy!

What is your opinion of plesk wordpress edition? Answers on a postcard – perhaps just comments on this post would be good.

Microsoft Teams SIP trunk or not?

Can the SIP providers out there please stand up! Looking to understand the value proposition of this type of service integration with Microsoft Teams. Our challenges are mostly around legacy and multi-tenancy (8 in Azure AD at least) in particular regarding existing sites (6 in the UK alone). We also need to work with a partner that can respond quickly to an SME. I will respond to the first 5 only. Thank you.

Cyber Essentials…. is it worth the investment?

I have worked through CEH training and applied tooling and principles. So, the next challenge – the certification of 2 UK trading organisations. The main driver and business justification; to ensure compliance within procurement framework/s. Aka Cyber Essentials (the de facto standard for UK organisations wanting to work with the public sector). Read on if you have a pending requirement ***the comments below relate to the SME market only***.

Options to deliver:

  1. Self certify
  2. Partner

Option 1 seems to be the most economical on paper because in the short term it requires less effort but does option 2 represent a better return on investment?


So, working with a partner required more investment in time but resulted in additional value and opportunity; – because we are building expertise/capability. Having a partner to validate design and to question some of the decisions adds weight to the process and in my opinion contribute to a better outcome. In my view this is not just a ‘badge’ or ‘tick’ box exercise, moreover, an opportunity to build/operate a better, validated infrastructure. The lessons learnt have again in my opinion far outweighed the original expectation and resulted in a far better return on investment!

We have now taken the decision to add the Plus route to the cyber scope adding more credence to the process. Let the journey continue through Cyber Essentials Plus!

Thank you to for their assistance and guidance. If you want to learn more about the experience then please feel free to contact me at:

The Cornerstone Partnership

Helping improve children’s lives:

FB test post

Testing the connection to FB only!

Website hosting dilemma

Can I have some help with your experience of hosting multiple internal business sites (mostly static WordPress sites) please. Should I leave them all where they are (managed VPS instance) or take them under my management? Security is key but I do not want to spend my life managing upgrades etc. so I understand it is a balancing act – I am keen to see what comments you have!

Linux Desktop and Office alternative

Any risk takers out there? Our organisation is about to embark on a technology refresh. The Microsoft Windows 10/365 route looks the safest but most costly – is there a real non M/S alternative? Ubunto / Office Libre looks like the only other viable option – have I missed anything? What about MFA and IAM? Simple use case vs user training on non M/S platform – can this really be achieved in the enterprise? Comments welcome please……

Cyber Security

How do we defend against the endless threat actors continuous life-cycle of hacks? After attending the ECC CEH course last week, I was left with an over-whelming feeling of fighting a never ending battle against crime. None of us have enough time to complete everything how we would like to – it is that ‘human’ element of incompleteness that if found will be exposed and potentially hacked. So, strength in depth, multi-layered defence – , these foundational and imperative security principles are pragmatic are great, but if we do not have the fundamental resource that a bad person has then how do we compete? Time – we do not have the time and appetite that the hacker can invest to achieve the end goal. Answers on a postcard please…………..

Bootcamp or not?

As often is the case, in this crazy business of technology, there are not enough hours in the day to keep up. I have been balancing work, life and other commitments,  and whilst I am working as an architect in the cloud space, I have no formal recognition of my experience.

Is it time to set aside a block in my diary, stop working altogether and plough through as many topics and exams in a week or 2. I would be interested in receiving views on this, if anyone has attended a boot camp, what was the experience like, would they recommend this method and what providers are in this space. I can see there are a few options in India, this seems to be most economical, but are they suitable for a UK audience.




Car dealer woes

Sending this out to social media for some advice #BMWX1 #cardealerwoes

We purchased a vehicle 9 months ago, the BMW at that point was just over a year old so retained a large proportion of manufacturers warranty. Unfortunately, we have had 2 catastrophic failures, both times the same ‘drive chain error’ have been reported. The last failure was whilst driving on dual carriageway (A30), in the evening with limited visibility and also rain adding to poor weather conditions. This was a very dangerous situation as the car lost power at a dramatic rate and there was no hard shoulder.

This happened before Christmas, and BMW have been trying to fix ever since. It seems that the error was not logged and all historical data has also been wiped. This seems strange to us as modern cars rely heavily on electrical systems and sensors. During the latest telephone call from BMW, we were advised that the software had been upgraded but they could not confirm if the issue had been fixed.

The BMW agent cannot provide any assurance that the vehicle is now safe or fixed.

I have been in touch with the dealer that we purchased the car from, and there is a distinct lack of ownership although they do confirm that we have taken the most appropriate path to fix as BMW are best placed to do this.

So my position which I believe to be reasonable is to suggest the following solutions;

  • An alternative vehicle be agreed upon and commercials agreed (although this is not a simple trade-in/sales transaction)
  • A full refund be requested as the vehicle is ‘not fit for purpose’
  • Return the original vehicle with a written confirmation that the issue is fixed and the car is safe

At this point, the dealer (with whom my contract is based) has not provided any answers and is hiding behind the ombudsmen as ‘they have not had sight of the vehicle and an opportunity to fix’.

Any advise as to my next course of action please? Thank you.