Nutanix bible

When companies claim to have a very ‘open’ culture, I am always a little sceptical. This must be something built into me after 30 years of working in the enterprise and more than 20 in IT. It is a claim that is very difficult to maintain. But, since I have been with Nutanix since mid-2016, I can honestly say that this is definitely at the core of the organisation – from top to bottom and bottom up!

What does this mean for customers, well refreshingly, the essence of the architecture is detailed on the internet at Nutanix under the hood. Steven Poitras, Principle Solution Architect, explains the simple but delightful background story on the development of the platform and how simplicity is at the soul of the architecture. I urge you to read this content, not to particularly steer you towards Nutanix (although I believe this is a wise path), but to help you in your understanding of hyper-convergence and the enterprise cloud. Comments and feedback welcome…….

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