2021 Opportunity knocks

It has been a while since writing my last post. I make no apology for being submerged in the day to day life of work and not so much ‘play’. If I am honest it feels kind of strange as we rapidly move towards the festive season. For the first time in many years I am having an extended break which will allow me time to reflect on this ‘ground hog day’ of a year.

So, time to prize open the guitar case, wax the surfboard and get out on the mountain bike. Life is not so bad living in Cornwall, the pandemic has had a dramatic impact on us all but other parts of the country have been hit much harder. It’s not time to lower our guards, but we must look back and learn and perhaps reassess what is important in our lives.

What therefore of the future, more from me separately on that front.

Working in technology is all about change and at a pace that sometimes is overwhelming. I find myself constantly reinventing my work self, infrastructure/applications/mobile/security and then Azure/AWS/GCP – hybrid/multi-cloud/private – it is a whirlwind out there.

And here lies the question, what will be 2021?, a year of opportunity or further cost ‘squeeze’ in enterprise pursuit of more for less. Will there be further business shift and understanding that IT presents value as opposed to cost? There will be a new operating model for sure, work from home is already widely accepted as the new norm (and I advocate where feasible – work is an output and not a location!). I see this new market as an opportunity if you are in business change and IT architects should be at the forefront of this demand.

Again, more to follow from me on this later but I feel very positive for both myself and Cornwall on what happens next…

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Enjoy a well earnt break and be safe with your families – my best, Steve.