I cannot begin to explain how wonderful this beautiful county is. My wife is a keen photographer and has far more talent than me to capture this amazing and wonderful place to live (no, I am not gloating, just a sense of passion here!). So, have a look at her wonderful instagram site if you can

You will see the many hundreds of photos of our dogs, JJ and George, they are our babies now that our 4 girls have grown up. My wife has a never ending energy to take snaps as we walk around the Cornish coast. Maybe she should be a photographer, feedback welcome.

OK, on to my primary outdoor activity, mountain biking, check out Cornish Trail Riders on Facebook – you will need an invite, but if you are local and want to join us for a ride then you will be welcomed.

Finally, last but not least, if you are a sailor, returned service personnel or just interested in helping a local charity This is something very close to my heart.