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In a World of complexity, is KISS the answer…….. Hyper-Converged rocks!

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Infrastructure as Code, Invisible Infrastructure OK, so this is marketing right? Well, yes it is but when you think about the concept of hyper-converged infrastructure, then it just makes sense. Remove complexity, make it elegant and easy to use and cheaper to operate – we all want a better work/life balance. Have …

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Nutanix bible

When companies claim to have a very ‘open’ culture, I am always a little sceptical. This must be something built into me after 30 years of working in the enterprise and more than 20 in IT. It is a claim that is very difficult to maintain. But, since I have been with Nutanix since mid-2016, I …

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Nutanix automation and orchestration

AHV with SNOW Nutanix vRealise Automation on AHV Contact Nutanix Services at