Living in Cornwall and working as a technology professional, is this living the dream? I provide independent consulting with the jargon.

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Partners required, provoke discussion on post brexit trading with the EU

Opportunity knocks in the face of adversity, well perhaps? All about our SME, DIG360 (, we are in the early days of developing a solution to interact with the HMRC CDS (Customs Declaration Service) and also the GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service). This is in response to a requirement from a consortium of hauliers that …

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DIG360 launch ‘humane’ technology

Excited to launch our new website that advocates our core behaviour of ‘humane’ technology. Quite simply, we are champions of good citizenship and embrace the use of technology for the good. Our commitment to our customers is to: listen and concentrate on the why work entirety without bias ensure that any business case supports …

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Redundancy is not so bad

Yes, you guessed it, I have been made redundant. I naively believed that working for a smaller organisation, being highly visible and perhaps more important, would create more of a safety net. My intent was to have a long term association but hey, these things happen and we are in the business of change, after …

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Trading with Europe post Brexit

Are you confused by the mountain of paperwork and regulations? Recently, I have been approached by a consortium of small parcel hauliers that are frustrated with the added costs of import/export procedures post Brexit. Freight forwarders are inundated with demand and at £45-85 per customs entry, use of these services would, in any case be …

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Calling all British manufacturers

Time for consumer reflection on 2020 and early 2021 (Covid and Brexit impact specifically). The UK relies way too much on supply from outside (we probably already know this of course ). The supply chain has stopped and started but continues to be unable to cope with demand. As consumers we can either wait or …

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Do you need a builder?

To my network, I am available immediately on a part-time basis, ramping up to 4 days per week (can be full time with compressed hours) – very flexible on terms and duration. My main areas of architecture focus are: All things Cloud (primarily Azure but also AWS and GCP), Security and Modern applications, but I …

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Opportunity knocks (part-2)

2021 Opportunity knocks

It has been a while since writing my last post. I make no apology for being submerged in the day to day life of work and not so much ‘play’. If I am honest it feels kind of strange as we rapidly move towards the festive season. For the first time in many years I …

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MotoGP on BT Sport

I absolutely love the coverage BT Sport provide for MotoGP. Great presenters with relevant experience and knowledge combined with a fantastic TV schedule for each weekend. A real coup for BT no doubt! But why or why do I have to endure BT service provision in the UK. Sorry BT, but any customer engagement in …

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Autopilot integrated MDM

I am sure there are many other service providers that have the same type of challenges that we face. Managing multiple customer environments and in doing so requiring zero touch device deployment as far as possible. The operating model of many organisations is changing rapidly which means devices are sent direct to folks homes (CV19 …

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