December 2019 archive

FB test post

Testing the connection to FB only!

Website hosting dilemma

Can I have some help with your experience of hosting multiple internal business sites (mostly static WordPress sites) please. Should I leave them all where they are (managed VPS instance) or take them under my management? Security is key but I do not want to spend my life managing upgrades etc. so I understand it …

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Linux Desktop and Office alternative

Any risk takers out there? Our organisation is about to embark on a technology refresh. The Microsoft Windows 10/365 route looks the safest but most costly – is there a real non M/S alternative? Ubunto / Office Libre looks like the only other viable option – have I missed anything? What about MFA and IAM? …

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Cyber Security

How do we defend against the endless threat actors continuous life-cycle of hacks? After attending the ECC CEH course last week, I was left with an over-whelming feeling of fighting a never ending battle against crime. None of us have enough time to complete everything how we would like to – it is that ‘human’ …

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