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Working from home in Cornwall

Working from home in Cornwall? I have been working from home for more than 10 years which is great for the work/life balance but is it good for your health? The lack of interaction with colleagues and customers can be frustrating to say the least and also does not seem to be good for your …

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Cornwall Internet and Technology

Cornwall Internet and Technology Cornwall is often perceived as a County behind the times and yes to a certain extent that is still valid. But this is changing albeit at a pace that is relevant to the area and traditions.   Direct internet connectivity to the America’s Strong investment from the BT Group (and not …

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Cornwall and Devon, anyone for a free IT assessment?

Cornwall and Devon, anyone for a free IT assessment? If you would like to receive a free IT assessment then please complete the attached contact form. Thank you.

IR35 tax changes, is it the end of the contractor as we know it……

IR35 tax changes – what does this mean for you? So the new changes to legislation come about in April, but what does this mean for seasoned or start-up contractor?¬†https://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/08/03/ir35_hmrc_changes_consultation/. Is it time to jump ship to the private sector or simply stay/go permanent? Perhaps we just all need to collectively increase our rates! It …

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Perranporth today

Perranporth today; we took a 5 minute break to take in the scenery along the coastal path. So we might have seen this a hundred times but it never becomes dull. Just loving the life in Cornwall.

The Cornish coast

The sea has mystical powers…..